About me and this site

About me:

  • I was born in London
  • I lived in San Diego for 13 years
  • I now live back in London
  • I am a terrible blogger but doing it for fun
  • I have sciatic back problems but it’s much better since my surgery. But it flares up a lot now and then and sometimes for months

About this site:

It’s just an outlet for me to write my own stuff about bits and bobs – travel, living in San Diego, living in London and other random posts.

Hope you enjoy xx

Recent Posts

Shinjuku Bar Flies

Originally posted on Londiegan:
During my usual stupidity of getting lost and this time on the streets of Shinjuku, I somehow ended up in a maze of dingy desolated looking alleyways with graffiti and shutters closed for business. After a few minutes of walking around, I coincidentally realized that this was a place famous for…

Carnevale in Venice

Originally posted on Londiegan:
Women and Men elegantly brushed their gowns across the streets of Venice, clicking their heels evocatively and parading their alluring masks. The Gondolas were a background to this sheer landscape of bridges and narrow alleys charged with canals, energising the city with magic as it captured sunlight and laughter. As people…

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