6. Indulge from time to time.

From How to be Healthy, Happy and Fabulous after 40 or at any age.

A mini chocolate cake with nutella frosting and pistachios inspired by Emma’s Goodies

For me, treating myself from time to time comes as part and parcel for eating well.

My crunchy breakfast with roasted veggie-eggs on holiday in Crete

I have two categories of eating; one is guided by routine and the other, sheer lipsmacking indulgence! 😋

A delicious nutty biscuit I ate on my holiday in Crete

Although I enjoy eating well during my routine and week days, I like to splurge on some weekends, birthdays and other special occasions.

Homemade pizza with oat flour. Recipe inspired by Emma’s Goodies

I don’t adhere to perfect eating and wish I had all the answers to being healthy. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor and I can only say what’s good for me. (I would appreciate any tips and recommendations from my readers on how to eat “better”).

I just want to celebrate occasions and treat myself to something sweet and delicious from time to time.

Fudge recipe inspired by Ancient Nutrition

There are also the days when things are tough and I just want to let myself go with some chocolate almonds, crisps or a glass of wine. (I don’t punish myself with regret – I just enjoy it and appreciate that sometimes I want to treat myself).

Ghiradelli in San Diego, California

So to all of you out there, I hope you indulge at the best of times & don’t forget to celebrate occasions with a treat that you like to eat or drink. Cheers! 🥂

16 thoughts on “6. Indulge from time to time.

      1. Of course there are diets for those with inflammation, paleo, vegan, non-dairy, on and on. And I’ve tried most of them due to my lifelong asthma. But what I have found works for me is to eat as healthy as possible, organic when I can, pay attention to including veggies and fruits, and then allow for indulgences as well. Also, when cooking, I just attempt to use the healthiest ingredients I can find.

        I love to bake so when I do, I have enjoyed playing with how can I substitute healthier ingredients but still have it turn out edible and enjoyable.

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