3 Reasons I love Let’s Eat

3 Reasons I love Let’s Eat

  1. I identify with the main character.
  2. The beautiful actress – Lee Soo Kyung.
  3. Food brings people together.
  1. I identify with the main character. A modest hard-working legal assistant works for a law firm with a difficult boss who treats her unfairly. In this clip for example, she is expecting to get her annual bonus. The boss decides to treat her differently from other staff members by telling her, the bonus is her lunch and despite her hard efforts during the year, he expresses it’s all she deserves. What an arse! At least we get to see this deliciously sizzling scene where she eats her earnings well until she hears about the bonus:

She has nothing to offer in this world where marriage and wealth equal success. Instead she is a divorcee with a small rented flat, a cute little dog and her appetite for food! She doesn’t bother anyone for anything except for when she needs company to dine with. She hates eating alone which is why she is open to dating at the start of the first episode. See this clip where she devours her spicy shrimp on a date. 😂

There are awkward moments where her married friends make wrong assumptions about her lifestyle based on her being single and therefore assuming she has it all.

Any single woman who depends on her own measley salary, having to pay bills, go out and pay rent will tell you – “dating” and being self reliant as a woman is not easy! As the drama highlights her challenges of being an “older” single woman in a world where people are pressured to marry and earn more money, it has a profound appreciation for women who survive it alone!

She receives much scrutiny from her mother and friends for being “old” and “alone”, stuck in a flat where she is seen as “stingy” for not turning on her own heating (a quality which should be admired in my opinion). I love the dreamy music capturing a sense of a “small” woman in a big city.

Even though she may be “small” with a “dead-end” job, she’s tough. Although she is very responsible, in this clip, she surprisingly hands in her resignation (much overdue in my opinion) after 10 years of working for her difficult boss. Imagine having that patience for 10 years! Throughout those years she wrote a number of resignation letters but never had the courage to hand them in….until now in this scene:

What a “kick-arse” scene! 🤺 It pays homage to that single girl in the big city who struggles to make ends meet but sometimes has no choice other than to be tough and stand up for herself. 🙅

With such a presentation of a strong character, it’s no wonder that women can relate. All hail single independent women everywhere! 💪 🏆

2. The Beautiful Lee Soo Kyung

What better actress to play that single woman we admire. With her stunning beauty, her dainty frame and sweet smile, her portrayal of the main character is charmingly feisty and dignified – very flattering for single women everywhere! She naturally makes a big impact in carrying herself well, striking a pose in this picture from outside the drama – demure and composed.

She wears such sophisticated and chic clothing, although very plain in the drama which gives us the impression, her character is from a humble background.

She speaks confidently with charisma and expresses passion for food. Oh….and the way she eats! 😋

3. Food brings people together

In this wonderful clip, both friends haven’t had a chance to catch up in a long time and what better way to catch up than to enjoy the slurps and sounds of chewy seafood and crackling of oyster shells:

The violin and cello bring a classically light-hearted ambience to the palate where people can feast with pleasure.

The food is beautifully captured throughout, deliciously presented with an assortment of intriguingly mouthwatering dishes. Here, her mother goes all out to feed her daughter.

All the characters in this drama bring something to the plate, so to speak.

The “evil” boss deals with his unrequited love through discovering the joys of eating. The young neighbour deals with her financial losses and loneliness by starting a dinner club.

The mother helps her daughter by realising the daughter’s passion for food gets her far enough to find love.

Each character deals with their own obstacles through food…and it is food that simply brings these people together!

Critique: The only element I thought could be improved was the portrayal of the “less attractive” lawyer. Although it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the episodes, her character was portrayed as jealous, competitive and belittling towards others. I know insecure people exist (and we all have insecurities within us), but I thought it was particularly unfair to give this personality to the lawyer who is made to “look unattractive”.

I wasn’t sure if her purpose was to add more comedy value to the drama. Whilst its always good to add humour, I didn’t particularly find the scenes with the “unattractive” lawyer as funny at all but moreso awkward. She was clearly someone in the series subject to ridicule unfairly because of the way she looked. In one scene she is even referred to as a “blowfish”. 🙄

No way!

The director could’ve done a better job as it seems like such easy writing, to present the “unattractive” person as childish or immature.

As a side note, I happened to find some nice pictures of the actress, who by the way is very attractive!

I couldn’t find any clips of her character in Let’s Eat unfortunately but there were at least just two scenes where she was portrayed fairly, expressing sadness in one scene and pride in her ancestors in another scene – showing a warm side to her character with some depth.

Actress: Lee Do Yeon

In this scene you only see her at the beginning. (Most of this scene is a fun narration of food given by the main male character who I have oddly not mentioned at all – he wasn’t my favourite 😂).

Overall watching this drama will definitely take you away to a good place of food, fun and laughter.

Plus it’s a chance to see all the delicious Korean dishes being devoured.

I went through a bad patch with my career at the time, feeling quite miserable so watching this drama for the first time took me away from the perils of work and cheered me up immensely!

I even narrated the subtitles to my mum and sister when I visited them and they both loved it. (They had never seen a K-Drama before).

I have watched it a few times again so I definitely give this a thumbs up. 👍

I highly recommend it if you want to see some light entertainment with lots of food scenes and eating. 🥘🍝🥡🦞🍜🍲🍷

With that in mind, I’m actually quite hungry now! Bon Appetit 😋

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