3 Reasons I like I Need Romance

3 Reasons I like I Need Romance

  1. The Sex and the City theme, the title, the characters and the theme song – so everything! πŸ˜‚
  2. The handsome hero who falls in love with the main character. πŸ’“
  3. Openness of flatulence for women. πŸ˜‚
  1. The Sex and the City theme, the characters, the title and the theme song.


This is basically the Korean version of Sex and the City but with 3 main characters instead of 4.


The title of the show suggests a romantic, cute and soft approach to dating, finding love and sex!

Theme Song

This glitzy theme song introduces us to the fun characters in the big city, encapsulating glamour, ambition, light-heartedness, adventure and the eagerness to find that romantic spark in life.


Similar to Sex and the City, each character has a different outlook to dating and finding sex and love. (I hope I have the correct spellings of names but feel free to let me know in the comments section below and I will correct it).

In Young (played by Cho Yeo-jeong)

Similar to Carrie in Sex and the City, she mainly narrates the show.

Unlike Carrie, this girl lives in her own comfortable house which is supposed to be from humble beginnings as her parents owned it and retired to the country. 🏑

Like Carrie, her place speaks femininity with its soft colours and chic style. In Young lives in a modest bungalow Korean style, a prestine kitchen and functional living space. Unlike Carrie, she has lived with her boyfriend for 10 years, taking care of him financially (even though she has a lower paying concierge job in comparison to her friends)…and still she sees no sign of marriage. 🀷 However, it only bothers her when other people talk. The bigger issue here is, whether her boyfriend is actually loyal to her.

Seo-Yeon (played by Choi Yeo-jin)

Similar to Samantha from Sex and the City, she is delightfully promiscuous and encourages the girls to be confident in finding whatever they want in life whether it’s the right partner or indeed multiple partners. πŸ˜‰

Although she herself is really into that one special person in connection to her interest in photography, she definitely puts herself first when it comes to pleasure and love like Samantha.

Similar to Samantha, she lives in an apartment independantly and manages her own business. Seo Yeon is addicted to work and has a modelling job on the side.

Hyun- Joo (Played by Choi Song-hyun)

It seems that Hyun Joo is a combination of both Miranda (a smart lawyer) and Charlotte (waiting for Mr. Right).

Her inner “Charlotte” wants tradition, romance and to find love with someone of a higher social status than herself.

Unlike Charlotte or any character in Sex and the City, she is saving her virginity for a future husband. She is educated as a highly established lawyer and lives in a modern cookie-cutter style condominium.

Similar to Miranda she ends up being attracted to someone who earns less than she does. Despite her independence and education, her mum keeps tabs on Hyun Joo, placing her “virginity” as a valuable asset in pursuing a successful arranged marriage.

Seeing how each character pursue their own goals in life, it is very interesting to watch the complexities of relationships and dating in Korea along with the expectations of women. Like Sex and the City, but moreso in I Need Romance, I loved the glamour, the clothes and the ambience of a cosmopolitan life, full of possibilities and choices for women.

2. The handsome hero, Sung Hyun (played by Choi Jin-Hyuk) who falls in love with the main character.

Isn’t it lovely when a sexy and successful but modest guy appreciates you and makes you feel attractive?

Well in this drama, he heroically gives his undivided attention to a woman who is being cheated on by someone else πŸ’”. In this scene, he so badly wants to kiss her and when he finally does, he revives her from feeling unattractive. Although I don’t condone anyone cheating, I don’t blame her for being caught up in the moment with passion! Besides, it’s just a kiss. πŸ˜‰

There doesn’t seem to be a character like Mr. Big in I Need Romance but Sung Hyun is pretty close.

Sung Hyun’s character is even better than Mr. Big in that he is faithful, loyal, reliant but also succesful and prosperous with so much to offer.

The only criticism I have is the fate of the characters but then again, it’s reflective of “real” life. I can’t say too much so you’ll just have to watch it. πŸ“Ί

The last thing I want to mention about Sung Hyun is the melody that accompanies most of his scenes. It brings hope to all of us that there’s someone out there for everyone even if unexpected. (The instrumental song is called “Someday We Will…”.) With his good looks, his acting and overall demeanor, I am swept away! πŸ’“

3. Openness of flatulence for women

What was that? 🀭 Flatulence did I say? πŸ™Š Yes indeed, but what’s interesting about this, is that we see the main female character take pride in farting. Only in one episode did a character faintly fart in Sex and the City (Carrie) but for the most part, I don’t see women fart in Western soaps, comedies and movies, especially if they are attractive.

It seems to be common or I have seen it in at least two K-Dramas. In Young’s farts seem to be amusingly a part of her confidence. 🀭 She’s definitely not shy about it as you can see from this clip:

Maybe it’s the exception but it gives me a glimpse into how open Korean culture might be (if not with regards to explicit sex or nudity) but at least when it comes to letting it rip on camera! πŸ˜‚

Overall, all the women in the show were fun to watch. Such a team of feisty girls!

I should mention that this was my first viewing of a Korean drama and I absolutely loved it, so I saw it again and again.

I’m sure there are better dramas out there, but this one will always be special and memorable to me for being my first ever K-Drama. πŸ’

Happy Romancing! πŸ’

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