3 Reasons I like Left Handed Wife

3 Reasons I like Left Handed Wife

  1. Suspense and anticipation.
  2. The music and dramatic theme song.
  3. The three impeccable actresses.

  1. Suspense and anticipation

This drama entails a lengthy number of episodes that you won’t be able to turn off.

The first episode grips you with anticipation and curiosity, although I wouldn’t watch it if you’re busy with life or if you get stressed easily. (I watched all 113 episodes in the evenings during phase 1 of the pandemic and I became quite worked up with the scenes πŸ˜‚). Y’see…there is much suspense and many unanswered questions.

You will be hooked on this episodic drug, literally needing more to satisfy your anticipation on what happens next – you won’t be able to control how many episodes you watch in one night.

There were times when I heard myself shouting with joy or anger like a football fan, waiting for the team to win or preparing for defeat.

I recommend this drama to people who want to occupy their minds with other thoughts if they have a lot of time.

Although the writing can be ludicrously far-fetched and unbelievable, the director takes you on this gripping journey of conglomerate families having their revenge, committing murder, keeping secrets and fulfilling their greedy ambitions.

But on the nice side, you see so much love, bravery, compassion and strength in some of the characters.

2. The Dramatic Theme Song

The dramatic music brings a sense of pride and strength overcoming turmoil and tragedy. I can imagine the cast taking their bow in front of an audience after each episode with the theme song.

The demure collaboration of the deep cello with violin evokes a sense of dignified sentiment, where people endure hardships but fight till the end to defend their right to live a free life.

The graceful music takes you to an elevated place of so much appreciation for the characters.

3. The three impeccable actresses

Lee Soo kyung

As you know Lee Soo Kyung is my favourite actress from Let’s Eat. Here is the link if you want to read about her in Let’s Eat. In this drama she plays quite a different role as she is less independent, a good daughter and a devoted wife in a much darker and serious drama. “Oh Sanna” has all the traits of a wholesome Korean woman loyal to her husband and family.

Ha Yeon Joo

This actress stars in I Need Romance which I wrote about here. In this drama however, she plays a neurotic “Esther”. Her acting brilliantly depicts a dramatic, enticing, flamboyant and selfish personality.

Similarly like in I Need Romance she plays a villain from a vulnerable or humble circumstance. She later redeems her vindictive traits her by acknowledging and feeling remorse for those who suffer a d those who help her. (Although I would never forgive her character in any of the dramas). πŸ˜‚ Needless to say she is an excellent actress!

Lee Seung Yeon

If you want to see a wicked stepmother, look no further than “Cho Aera”. Her character is grotesquely hideous and greedy. This is “evil” in all it’s glory but its also a result of her pathetic attempts to desperately latch on to her power over others.

She cunningly devises plans to overthrow others to the curb using her wealth, power and privilege…all to fulfill her ambitions. With that being said, she is obviously an amazing actress and very beautiful too. πŸ™‚


The only criticism I have is that the characters and the plot can be so unbelievable. The plot has a never ending fate of people taking revenge, getting amnesia followed by changing identities and losing loved ones. I also find it troubling that the director never brings back the old face – you’ll have to see what I mean by watching it, as I don’t want to give away too much. πŸ“Ί

However when you watch K-Dramas, it’s important to understand that the scenarios and stories will usually be over-the-top. If you want realism, I don’t think K-Dramas are for you.

Overall, I loved it because of it’s sheer dramatic portrayal of corruption within conglomerate families, giving us an insight into perhaps how Koreans may feel about the class system. Plus it’s a never-ending snakes and ladders game of suspense and dramatic twists of fate, setting characters back and forth. It certainly kept me on edge the whole time, wondering what would happen next.

I was sad once this was over but I don’t think I’ll watch this again and again as it isn’t a light-hearted comedy like my first two recommended K-Dramas.

If you do end up watching this, I hope you have plenty of time for it and I so hope you enjoy it like I did. πŸ™‚

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