7. Do what you enjoy. Follow your interests.

From How to be Healthy Happy and Fabulous over 40 or any age.

Whether it be kayaking, painting or sewing, stick with it.

It’ll lift your spirits away from the blues.

Take a stroll, browse shops or hike a trail…do whatever works for you!

There are times to keep still, snuggle with a good book or watch your favourite TV show.

Comedies can cheer you up when the weather outside is cold.

Planning holidays and discovering new places….

…can bring magic to your life in all its graces.

Take a deep breath and think tranquil thoughts.

Learn a new language or play a new sport.

Or indulge in some wine….

…to cook food & dine.

Wear a mask, impersonate & have favourable days.

Fill your hours with adventure and capture a sunset haze.

Write, reflect, blog & speak!

Delightful words to inspire others…or to just clear the head.

If none of these interests engage you, then what do you like?

Whatever it is, I hope you pursue it with love.

Yes from time to time we struggle with responsibilities & routine, but try!

Try to make time to do the things you enjoy.

For what’s life without our passions & joy?

Adieu & thanks for reading.

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