Ideas for eating/drinking in San Diego. (My visit in 2019)

After living in San Diego for 13 years and becoming so immersed into Californian living, it was tough to move back to the UK. (A lot of thinking went into it). Although I don’t have regrets in moving back, I certainly miss the perfect weather, allowing you to wear summer dresses all year round and having your hair sunkissed by the gentle So Cal breeze.

My visit in 2013

I went back last year in 2019 only for 4 days. It was beautiful as ever and lovely (although busy) seeing friends along with all the sights I miss.

Here are some pictures of that time showing the foods/drinks that I especially miss from San Diego.

Try to get a hotel that has this!
I miss the Keurig coffee maker with the liquid French vanilla Creamer (difficult to get in the UK).
I stayed at the Andaz in San Diego
French Vanilla Creamer for your coffee
My favourite cookie from Specialties
I MISS the Market Place deli!
This is my favourite salad from Market Place
If you never tried Tapatio sauce, did you even visit San Diego?
My favourite – Almond Champagne
I used to love having my Chai Tea here at the Encinitas Pannakin
So glad I could order my Thai Chicken Salad at California Pizza Kitchen
Ghiradelli ice cream is creamy as ever!
The Fish Market
Apart from missing my 2 Buck Chuck from Trader Joes, I really miss a good Kendall Jackson and La Crema.
I used to love lounging about at Cafe Bassam

As you can see, I miss so many eating and drinking establishments in San Diego, but last year, there was only so much I could cram into 4 days. Im glad I was able to get my In and Out Burger fix but wish I had more time for Ho Dads and Nunus.

The rooftop bar at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Don’t miss Mr As if you like fine dining and enjoy good views. (Unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures from there, but take a look at the link).

I do hope when you visit these places in San Diego, that you enjoy all the foods and eat al fresco as the moderate temperatures of So Cal allow.

The Prado

As it’s winter here, I’m especially thinking of the warmth and all the goodness I ate in San Diego. Cheers to those wonderful memories and cheers to the California sunshine!

10 thoughts on “Ideas for eating/drinking in San Diego. (My visit in 2019)

  1. While visiting in Tucson I tried an In and Out burger as my son had raved about them at his college days in Redland. I wasn’t impressed. But then I tried them again while in San Diego and loved them. There are many great places to eat in San Diego and Encinitas.


    1. I wonder what it was in San Diego that made it tastier. Glad you enjoyed it in the end. Yes indeed San Diego and Encinitas has some good places. I forgot to mention, I never went to Las Olas in Encinitas or Fidel’s in Carlsbad. I miss good seafood and good Mexican food! I also miss Cardiff by the Sea and the little places to eat there. Ahh memories.

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