My visit to San Diego in 2019

Meditation Gardens in Encitias

I recently wrote this article about some of the drinking and eating establishments that I particularly miss in San Diego from when I used to live there.

The Gaslamp

This time, I will keep it short to show you some pictures of my four amazing days in San Diego last year. How I miss living there!

Hope you enjoy!

First day Friday

Spent the morning relaxing by the pool after a good night’s sleep and arriving from the UK the night before
I stayed at the Andaz hotel
Walked around Bankers Hill after breakfast and met some of my old work colleagues
Back at the hotel to freshen up and start the evening with a cocktail
We walked to the Cheesecake Factory
Walked around the Harbour to see the sights after dinner
The weather was gorgeous. I miss how I didn’t have to wear a coat in November!
Cocktails at the Manchester Grand Hyatt
A sweet end to Friday night

A Perfect Saturday

Early morning hike at Cowles Mountain
Breakfast at the Panikkin in Encinitas
I love how it used to be a train station
Walked to the Meditation Gardens in Encitias
Showing off my belly full of Cheesecake Factory food. Hahahaha
I swam in the ocean which I really miss!
Lunched at California Pizza Kitchen before heading back to the hotel
Met up with friends that night on a rooftop bar overlooking a spectacular view of the sunset over the Padres Stadium which had a beautiful fireworks display

Sunday Funday

I miss the Keurig
I swam first thing in the morning at La Jolla Shores. Yes I know I look tired, but I’m very happy I swam in the shores before meeting up with a friend for a boozy brunch. It was my last time in the sea so I enjoyed every moment of it.
That evening we had Cocktails at Mr As
…. followed by dinner at the Prado with friends
Walking about in Balboa Park that evening.

Last day Monday

By this time, I was tired and needed to relax by the pool again before brunching with more friends. Life is hard! Hahahaha
…I did some last minute shopping before packing my suitcase after brunch

My dinner was In and Out burger that night and although I felt so sad for leaving, I devoured every taste. I ate in the car that took us to Los Angeles before taking a direct flight back to the UK.

As we know, all good things come to an end, but I’ll be back again.

Until then, I’m California Dreamin on a winter’s day!

8 thoughts on “My visit to San Diego in 2019

  1. Looks like a great 4 days. I’ve been to Yogananda’s garden several times and love Balboa park. I used to go there often to hang out, walk around, and enjoy the museums on first Tuesday, free day 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing your San Diego adventures. It is a wonderful sunny , happy place. I will never forget the first visit me & my family had from seeing the zoo, Legoland, the beaches. It was our inspiration to relocate to California.


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